Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm listening

so im listening to rage and i woke up this morning with a big smile on my face, am so happy. but then i heard avrils new song and watched the film clip and i felt so sad, i started crying my head off. weird huh? its such a beautiful, deep song and its amazing how imagery can evoke more feelings. anyways, so last night monsiour monquoay called to say sorry he had been at work and what am i doing tonight, he is having dinner with ricky as he is leaving to france and would i like to meet up later in teh night. i was too sleepy so he invited me to some bbq at etoniay 2moro night (so thats 2day sat). i said id think about it about couples seduce teens. but on sunday, i got some lunch turning into a party on sunday coz fredrick invited me to that. like we're having a private party at some place, then opening voodoo to the private party. i dont know what i will do. not 2 interested in both.
well at mitchy did at least call me and justify why. (he starts at 530 u kno and sometimes doenst finish until 730 if hes lucky! blah!)

havent seen jezdog or pindick in ages. Or i saw jezza at the football a couple of weeks ago but he just said hello to james and chatted to him and didnt even really acknowledge me. yeah pindick who know where that loser is who cares. um whatelse.....the kids are good. Jimmy is mad he climbing on everything up the tank and tractor and just crazy... hes turning out to be abit of a bully pushing kids and stuff but he gets away with it from me cause hes so cute. Yeah sam and veronica are just normal. Cameron kids are good. Just are noisy and nude as normal. Man its going to be sooo hard to leave here. Not much else umm im going on holidays next friday yay for 2 weeks. We are shearing next week.

James and i are cruising along nicely. Not a couple offically yet but sort of. Actually its really annoying because i dont know where we are at. the other week in town when we were out everyone was asking him if i was his "misses" and he said yes to everyone. Its annoying because we havent talked about it. But when i see him next ill have a chat with him. He rings all the time but i wont to talk to him in person. So thats that. Yeah you have probably guessed that i do like him and cant believe i was having doubts about being with him. OMg the most random thing happened on sunday night...beaver this guy from town (you didnt meet him) just rocked up at my door step. meanwhile i was in my pjs ready for bed. he came all the way from town just to see me. He realy nice but i have no feeling towards him in that way and i told him that as soon as he arrived and told him about james. He was abit annoyed but i said i never told him to come out here or anything but he was pretty nice about it. Yeah random. Um what else.